If you are a dealership that has vehicles ready to pick up from auction but do not know how to transfer them back to your dealership, then Simply AutoShipping can help. We offer years of experience in auction to auto dealer transport. Simply AutoShipping offers safe and reliable dealer to dealer transport from auctions so that you can get your vehicles to your client right away. Simply AutoShipping realizes how critical it is to have your auction vehicles in the best condition for sale, that is why we take the time and care to properly haul your vehicles.


Your vehicles are protected the entire time it is in our care from the auction to your dealership. Once at their final destination, you have the opportunity to inspect your vehicles thoroughly. We treat all of your cars as our own and guarantee that it reaches its destination exactly as it left.

Bulk auto transport

Simply AutoShipping understands the significant role that auctions play in the second-hand (used/pre-owned) vehicle market. This is why many auto dealers need to find a reliable dealer transport service that can handle both large and small vehicle shipping requests. This is where Simply AutoShipping fits in. We feature bulk car dealer shipping services at low prices to ensure that all auction-run vehicles get to your dealership on a timely basis. We know you've already spent much of your hard-earned money on getting your autos at auction, the last thing you need is to pay an arm and a leg on auto auction shipping costs. Fortunately, we have been in the car dealer shipping industry long enough to understand exactly how to save you time and money.

Are you having trouble maintaining enough inventory to please your clients, meaning you have to attend auctions a lot more often? Simply AutoShipping can help you get those cars off the auction space and onto your lot--safely and on time. You no longer have to hunt far and wide for a car shipping company that will run to and from the auction for you. Simply AutoShipping shipping has the resources and experience needed to make the shipping the least of your concerns so that you can focus on your business.

Types of vehicles we ship from auctions:

Repossessed: These are the most common types of cars found at auctions. Essentially, finance companies and dealers recollect these cars from unpaid account holders. If they are not paid for and claimed after a specific period of time, they are then submitted to auctions for sale.

Off-rental: After a year of use, car rental companies will send their used fleets to auctions to help fund a new fleet. These cars are usually in very good condition as car rental companies usually keep up with car maintenance.

Off-lease vehicles: These are one of the most popular types of cars submitted to auctions. Basically, they are cars that are returned after their lease terms expire. In order to be submitted, they need to meet a specific mileage limit with consistent maintenance.

Trade-ins: These are the types of vehicles that customers trade in for new ones. Trade-ins with modifications can potentially get a higher asking price.

Salvage: These cars normally arrive from insurance companies such as cars that have been in accidents or determined a total loss. Auto shops will rebuild them and re-sell them at auctions. On the other hand, cars can be torn apart with undamaged parts sold separately.

New cars: If previous year's cars are still on sale, dealers will have to sell them at auction to make room for new inventory.


Things to remember:

Regardless of where you are located, Simply AutoShipping will get your cars from the auction directly to your dealership. Of course, you must make sure you take care of any fees associated with the purchase of your vehicles as our drivers are not responsible for these fees. We also need to know the lot number for where the car is located. If you have the VIN number and colors, that would be helpful too. If you need a receipt to pick up the car, then it is critical you are present for pick up. This is especially true if you want to assess the car's condition before shipping. Make sure all your paperwork is taken care of to prevent any delays and ensure a safe and timely delivery. Moreover, it helps to have an additional contact listed in case of an emergency.

At Simply AutoShipping, we have the answers for you. Wherever it is that you get your cars, our dealer transport solutions offer the type of service you expect and deserve. We also continue to maintain low prices without sacrificing our reliability. We know that the perfect set of cars do not always come from the same location. You can get your cars from any auction, and let us do the shipping for you. Please call our shipping specialists for more information about our dealer transport services.